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Linda L. Miller (Shilling)

Linda L. Miller (Shilling)

Linda L Miller Shilling passed away May 20, 2023

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05/27/23 11:52 AM #1    

Marcia White (Williams)

Linda and Marcia, on the phone:

We used to make fun of Bob Shilling, early days at Woodward...such an "old man"! Not cool!  All he ever wanted to do was complete his education, become financially independent, and marry Linda Lee Miller.

Just a few years later, Bob became the very definition of all that was right in the world, as he achieved all of those early goals. What a close-knit, "All- American" family evolved from the union of Bob and Linda!

Next chapter brought the agonized conversations, as catastrophic illness caused Bob to finally lose his grip on the wonderful life he and Linda had built.. No one could comfort her.

This is when Linda's bright light began to flicker.

Inexorably, as the post-Bob years wore on, Linda's life became more insular, more focused on family, and then more vague. One day she said to me, "I always know it's you calling, because you're the only one who calls me 'Linda Lee'."

And then she called no more.... Goodbye and God bless, my "first best friend".... 



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