More photos from the 60th

Legacy Tour - 1919 The Year that Changed Baseball 

Carol Malloy Jackson, Jim Pearce, Edlyn Marcuse Simmons, Bill Simmons and GUIDE for Legacy Tour about1919 Baseball in Cincinnati

1919 Legacy Tour Baseball guide, Carol Jacobs Bussey, Jim Bussey, Jim Schwab, Vivian Schwab


Edlyn Marcuse Simmon, Carol Jacobs Bussey, Diane Thompson Shilt, Bill Simmons, Jim Bussey (hidden), Jim Schwab - Baseball tour


BB Boat Ride - Ohio River, Sept. 17, 2021


BB Riverboat on the Ohio River  -  Lou Lausche, Joan Honshopp Lausche, Carol Quisno Pearce 

BB Riverboat - Jim Schwab, Joanne Honschopp Lausche

BB Riverboat - Vivian Schwab, Rose Weber, Major Weber


BB Riverboat - Charlie Ryan, Jim Pearce

Fred Ziegler, Charlie Ryan, Jim Pearce, Carol Quisno Pearce, Ricky Abrams Ryan

Rose Weber, Ricki Abrams Ryan, Charlie Ryan, Major Weber

Sept. 19 Brunch at the Wingate Hotel, Blue Ash, OHIO

Sunday brunch at Wingate Motel - Jim Schwab, Susan Hoeweler Bareither, Bill Bareither


Sunday brunch at Wingate Hotel- Don Rissover Judy Rissover, Major Weber, Rose Weber

SKYLINE Chili for Lunch on Oct. 19, 

Skyline Chili lunch on Sunday -  Jim Pearce, Bill Stewart, Rose Weber, Major Weber, Charlie Ryan, Ricki Abrams Ryan, Ken Lind