In Memory


Larry Halter

From Bob Jacobs, Class of 1962:

Larry Halter died of COPD January 24, 2015. His son, Sean Halter,  wrote this on 1/25/15

Well I've resisted most of the night posting this on FB as it just seems like such a bizarre forum for posting one's personal business and although some might find it surprising I can be a fairly private person. 

That said after literally a seven year battle with COPD my father, Larry Halter, passed peacefully in his sleep. I had the privilege to sneak away from work and the world this past week and spend a few days just hanging out with him, reading to him (Mike Tyson's autobiography) and listening intently to stories that I had heard dozens of times before as if it were the first time, paying homage to one of the last true Rebels I will ever meet. 

The day comes when we all say goodbye, forgetting one's transgressions and honoring what was great about them. 

I can say if you met him, you never forgot him and that truly summed it up. 

Like me he was in the end a total momma's boy with some of his last moments with me talking about how much he missed his mother (and I'm sure like me now his father) as if whatever is out there was finally making that call to him. 

Love to so many whose lives he connected me to that made us all who we are today. 

In the end I'll remember how silly he made us all feel much of the time - no matter what craziness life brought us - he always helped us laugh together and as a family that always made us closer. 

Goodbye, Sunshine Kid - the beat does truly go on... Just a little softer now.


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