2018 Florida mini reunion

We had a great gathering of Woodward 61 classmates and friends on Feb. 28.  Ricki Abrams Ryan and Charlie Ryan were our hosts again in Ft. Myers, Fl.  A fun time was had by all trying to remember when...

2018 Woodward mini reunion - Feb. 28 - Ft. Myers Florida

left to right front row:   Susan Hoeweler Bareither, Kris Fellabaum Rotte, Jack Shaw, Joyce Romer, Pat Hauss Mankes,  Carol Quisno Pearce

Middle row:  Bill Bareither, Marti Alford, Ricki Abrams Ryan, Dianne Jenks Jones, Charlene Baas Kuwatch,  Phyllis Gottlieb Gildenblatt (62), Tom Gildenblatt 

Back row:  Joe Alford, Charlie Ryan, Pam Jones, Jim Pearce, Bill Kidder

left photo:  Joyce Romer, Jim Pearce, Kris Fellabaum Rotte,  Ricki Abrams, Ryan, Paul Crosson, Carol Quisno Pearce,  Charlene Baas Kuwatch

right photo:  Paul Crosson, Bill Kidder

left photo:  Jim Pearce, Ricki Ryan Abrams                                         

right photo: Susan Hoeweler Bareither, Bill Bareither 

left photo:  Dianne Jenks Jones,  Pam Jones                                    

right photo: Joyce Romer, Charlie Ryan, Charlene Baas Kuwatch


left photo:  Jack Shaw, Jim Pearce                                                  

 right photo:  Phyllis Gottlieb Gildenblatt (62), Pat Hauss Mankes, Joyce Romer, Kris Fellabaum Rotte 


left photo:  Susan Hoeweler Bareither, Bill Bareither, Tom Gildenblatt, Phyllis Gottlieb Gildenblatt

right photo:  Dianne Jenks Jones, Pam Jones, Marti Alford


Joe Alford, Charlene Baas Kuwatch, Ricki Abrams Ryan, Charlie Ryan

Dianne Jenks Jones, Joyce Romer, Charlene Baas Kuwatch